Mindfulness and the Power of Insight in Florence


Mindfulness and the Power of Insight in Florence
On this Wednesday the 20th of September, the opportunity to open your mind will be available to you. Hosted at the address Via delle Cave di Monteripaldi 36 is a beginner-friendly meditation class, designed to get yourself into the swing of things, towards a life of ‘more awareness, less stress, with a sense of purpose’.
The beginner-friendly class is the start of the daytime 7-week course, between the times 10:30 and 12:00, where each week is structured in order to focus on a specific emotional aspect and journey during the meditative session.
The first week will begin on a strict focus of blending together the mind and the body. Those who will continue to attend for the following weeks will move on to a focus of mindfulness, emotion and freedom from their thoughts, their stresses, fears, and even moving on to the contemplation of certain concepts such as ‘What is Compassion’ in week 4. A half-day silent retreat is awaiting in week 7 for those hardcore yogis out there.
Follow this link for more information and to add the event to your Facebook calendar: https://www.facebook.com/events/874073119407109/ and if you cannot make it to the daytime session, you can try to even fit into the evening slot which starts on the day after between 19:30 and finishes at 21:00.