August 10th, San Lorenzo celebrations

Save the date: August 10th, it’s San Lorenzo (St. Lawrence) Day!

Walk throughout the historic centre of Florence in the morning to see the historical parade (around 10:00am) and then in the evening (around 7:00pm) go to Piazza San Lorenzo (see the picture), enjoy classical music (at 8:00pm Concert by Banda Musicale di San Casciano Val di Pesa – Corpo Musicale Oreste Carlini) and taste free watermelon and lasagna!

San Lorenzo - da video Curches of Florence

Image credits: Visitaflorencia

At night do not forget to look up to the sky and see the Perseids, or popularly called “St. Lawrence’s Tears”!

Eeven though in the past the peak time was around August 10th and nowadays it has changed about two days forward, we’re sure you’ll see some shooting stars!

Pay attention and make a wish!


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