Florence always puts on a radiant show in December. From the Christmas atmosphere on the streets, to the glittering shop windows and sparkling decorations around the city centre. But there’s much more than just twinkly christmas lights to enjoy. During the month of December a very special show illuminates city’s landmarks, and the Christmas market will bring a festive air to Piazza S. Croce.

Every winter Florence hosts a few Christmas markets for gift shopping, entertainment, and new gastronomic experiences. They usually run from the end of November to late December. Most markets operate on the weekends. In the weeks leading to Christmas, Florence hosts several Chrismas markets selling everything from food and wine to handmade crafts. Piazza Santa Croce Christmas market with a German twist, traditional and cozy Fierucola dell’Immacolata and Fierucolina di Natale, remote Christmas fairs in Mugello area and in the villages of Chianti and Fiesole—let the Tuscan Christmas melt your heart.

The Market starts in November 23 and lasts till December 22.

It looks like a small Christmas village featuring wooden chalets, typical for the South Tyrol region of Italy. They offer Italian handmade gifts, Christmas decorations from all over the world, candles, ceramics, and clothing. Of course, no market in Tuscany is possible without delicious cheese, meats, wine, and holiday specialties. Some huts host foreign exhibitors that change every year. And it’s a good reason to come and share the Christmas atmosphere under the cozy Florentine lights.

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