Cinema All’ Aperto Florence

Open Air Cinema 2Open Air Cinema 2

Every night (yes every night!) there is an open-air cinema in Florence. Mostly showing international movies in front of the Uffizi Museum on Uffizi Square. This begins on the 23rd of June, with the ‘author’s films’ ending on the 19th of July, featuring films of many different nationalities in their original languages with subtitles either in English or Italian. You can find this version of the open-air cinema between the Vasari Loggias where there will be 285 seats for free for viewings beginning at 6pm.

Open Air Cinema 1

This event begins the revival of the Uffizi square as a place for events such as this, and is intended to be a cultural exchange ‘told by the film and its creators’, an educational as well as social event featuring also documentaries such as Bill Viola’s Experience of the Infinite.
More information for this can be found via the newly invested infopoint outside the Florentine gallery. This is a newly installed feature specifically to address the needs of basic information that tourists frequently lacked about the event throughout the years. The infopoint is a courtesy of the deep pockets of the director Eike Schmidt, so make good use of it.