Communion fair in the Cascine park

Each year for two weeks Cascine park in Florence hosts Communion fair (la Festa de l’Unità) – an event that consolidate politics, culture, music and gastronomy.

This year it started at the end of August and continue until September 16th with political meetings, debates, book presentations, entertainment, concerts and gastronomic activities.

Do not miss the music events of the fair with a free entrance to concert shows. Among the musicians and artists are: the Florentine singer-songwriter Giulio Wilson, the Queues Bravi Ragazzi, Eurotunz featuring cover of the dance hits, Erozero, the Florentine band Handshake, the Waves and others.

If you are an expert of theater or if you like reading, you will find some activities that pleased you. Presentation of the film “Saranno Famosi”, theatrical performance “The cat in the oven”, presentation of the book “A dream of a noir of late summer”, cabaret and magic show. You will also appreciate a big open-air bookshop.

Alongside the political and cultural events, there are proposed various stands of the gastronomic specialties of Tuscan and international cuisine. In the stands managed by the exhibitors you will find the Argentine restaurant with meat on grill, the Spanish restaurant with paella, the Arab restaurant, the sandwich shop, the Tuscan trattoria, the Neapolitan pizzeria and the stand dedicated to fish dishes. Finally, craft brewery, crepes and pastry.

Come and have fun with locals!

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