The European Outdoor Film Tour Florence

visitaflorencia europe film festival

One the most famous and well-known film events in the whole of Europe; on its tour through 13 different countries, the European Outdoor Film Tour will eventually reach Florence. An event that proudly boasts of making no use of either a script, actors, or special effects. Each movie follows protagonists and documents their lives, displaying their stories and authenticity.
On the 20th of October, the tour will reach Florence, showing seven different movies over the full day. Each movie will be dedicated to the outdoors and will follow the lives of individuals that share a similar extreme passion for adventure.
Jump into the short-length film titled “Ice Call”. For only 3 minutes, viewers will dive straight into the lifestyle of a Freeskier named Sam Favret as he glides to the bottom of the Mar De Glace: the largest glacier in France.

visitaflorencia european film festival

The movies span from this length all the way to a length of 35 minutes – as the movie titled “Twin Galaxies”. Whereby three protagonists enact on their grand plan to ski along a giant ice cap in Greenland, and end their journey by battling a canal in their kayaks. See the genuine build-up of tension as all three of them encounter dilemmas, and overcome obstacles throughout the film.
Especially if you happen to be a traveller at heart, eager to see the world. This specific Florentine stop for the Outdoor Film Tour of 2017 is the place to be for you.