The great retrospective of Marina Abramović in Palazzo Strozzi

From September 21st 2018 to January 20th 2019 Palazzo Strozzi will host a great retrospective dedicated to Marina Abramović, Serbian artist, one of the most famous and controversial artists of contemporary art who uses her body as a means of communication.

Since the 1960s she was named the “Grandmother of performance art”. One of the most well-known and highly emotional works is “The Artist is Present” which demonstrates the artist for seven hours a day, for three months, remained seated in front of an empty chair in the MOMA of New York, waiting for someone who wanted to confront, communicate and to get involved into the performance.

The exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi will gives Florentines and tourists the opportunity to discover also the less known works of Marina Abramović. The exhibition will show performances interpreted by another artists.


The performance was realized for the first time in 1977 at the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna where Marina Abramović and Ulay, German artist and her work and life partner, spent ninety minutes standing opposite each other, motionless and naked in a narrow entrance passage, forcing the visitors, who wanted to enter the museum, to pass in between.

“The house with the ocean view”

In this re-performance the performer, as Marina Abramović had done in 2002 at the Sean Kelly gallery in New York, remains in isolation, silence and without food for twelve days under the eyes of the public. In three small joined rooms in high point, with stairs which rungs are substituted with knives with blades turning upwards, the performer dressed in clothes inspired by the constructivist Aleksandr Rodcenko (1891-1956), establishes a very intensive exchange of energy with the visitors that should be essential for the success of the performance.

The timetable of performances:

  • Imponderabilia – everyday 11.30-19.30, Thursday until 21.30

  • Freeing series – on Thursday and Saturday from 16:00

  • Luninosity – on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 15:00-16:00, Sunday from 12:00-13:00

  • Cleaning the mirror – on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 14.30-19.30

  • The house with the ocean view – from Wednesday, 28th November to Sunday, 9th December

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