La piazza Incantata in Florence

La Piazza Incantata

la piazza incantata

It all started in 1992. In the summer on Piazza Santa Croce a music festival was born: La Piazza Incantata. Now in 2017, the festival is still going stronger than ever, on its 25th anniversary, kicking-off on June the 18th at 8:30pm. 500 musicians will be performing this year in concert in the style and in homage to the great classical masters, for free in one of the most enchanting squares in the whole entirety of Florence: Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Schubert, you name it.
100 free tickets will also be drawn for people attending the festival to see The Orchestra and the Choir of May, an orchestra formed in 1928 and 1933 respectively which are also due to perform, keeping to the spirit of the night with their Baroque and Contemporary adaptations.
The festival is as of now officially ‘sold out’, although the management of the festival are working towards increasing the amount of seats to cope with the demand. If you take regular visits to the website – follow this link: – You should be able to grab yourself some on the next release of tickets that are still absolutely priceless.