Libraries in Florence, Part 2

Libraries in Florence, Part 2.

Libraries in florence

Welcome to the second part of our series,
( to read about the first part you can click HERE  ) where we show you the locations and recommend some of the most interesting libraries to you available in the city of Florence. We have more practical choices for students, and some which slide towards having more of an aesthetic appeal. Here are our two recommendations for this month:

visitaflorencia biblioteca thanour

3.Biblioteca Pietro Thouar
You will find this absolute gem on the piazza Torquato Tasso. Known as the biblioteca Pietro Thouar, this beast of a library is named in dedication to the educator and well-known author of folk literature that lived between 1809 and 1861. You have three newly refurbished floors. Each floor comes with a variety of different services: open bookcases, media library and multimedia stations. These stations combine as part of what is known as the SDIAF: a documentation system which brings together and centralises access the Florentine archives in a single location. Italian libraries are privy to being the locations of many cultural activities. These are a regular occurrence at the Library of Pietro Thouar.

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4.National Library of Florence
Register at the entrance, grab your card and off you go! The national library in Florence (biblioteca nazionale centrale) has all of the main features that a student could ever desire: silence, coffee, plenty of space, air conditioning and free accessible wifi. As you descend upon the building itself, it also is such an impressive sight. Once you get inside and grab yourself a window seat, you have a view of the Arno and a great location to be productive. Even though the place was flooded and literature was destroyed due to this decisive location, you can enjoy it once again how it was intended.