The multimedia exhibition “Da Vinci Experience”

The multimedia exhibition “Da Vinci Experience” is a tribute to the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is a journey through his projects, works and ideas.

This is not just a show but an exhibition of works of art: the works printed exactly like the originals, keeping textual information and iconographic mechanisms of Leonardo’s codes and drawings made by Giunti Editore for the “Leonardo Project”, and the models of the life-sized machines that invented by Leonardo which were made on the basis of the original designs by the Florentine artisan workshop Martelli (for example, the archetype of an airplane, the nine-meters wing).

The exhibition invites visitators to watch the 45-minute show dedicated to the works of the Florentine master. This is a non-chronological but thematic representation that allows to immerse completely in the world of art and science.

Do not miss the 3D experience of virtual reality with so called Oculus that lets to discover the details and the mechanisms of the machines designed by Leonardo: the tank, the aerial screw, the paddle boat and flying machine.

The exhibition is held till November, 4th in the complex of the deconsecrated church of Santo Stefano al Ponte.

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