Notte Rosa Florence 2017


Notte Rosa Firenze 2017
“Notte Rosa Firence” otherwise known as Pink Night Florence, is a celebration of easy-living and the care one takes of themselves in their own spare time. This Friday on the the 29th of September you too can join in, wear something pink and head down to the historical centre of Florence for 9pm.
Often taking place alongside New Year’s celebrations and Rimini, Notte Rosa has become a popular party event, and one that is said to be a summer’s new year’s eve bash. As this one is taking place in September, it seems that Notte Rosa has reached a stage of popularity where they happen spontaneously throughout the year, which is great for those looking to party!
Notte Rosa is an event self-described as a celebration for all, you can expect a family-friendly, extra-compassionate and welcoming atmosphere. As people come together – even tourists included – the aim is to enjoy yourself, much in the essence of the philosophical mantra that is taking care of oneself while being in the company of others.