Rainy Autumn Days

Do not feel discouraged if this week is rainy in our beautiful city! Getting lost in Florence while it rains is one of the most beautiful ways to look at it. People rushing through narrow streets with colorful umbrellas, the smell of rain, and raindrops on windows.

Florence also offers many beautiful passageways and covered spaces  where you can get shelter from the rain while still enjoying your visit. The arcs in Piazza della Repubblica, lined with cafès and an awesome plant market, the Mercato Nuovo, where you can keep dry while browsing through the most beautiful Italian leather products, or visit the Loggia in Piazza Signoria, an open museum with sculptures by the most important Renaissance artists.

And of course, a rainy day in Florence always means an opportunity to buy the awesome Duomo shaped umbrellas, the perfect Florentine souvenir from your rainy visit.