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All Amazing San Miniato Church


One of the places that tourist usually misses in Florence is San Miniato al monte,

San Miniato Al Monte is the full name for a Romanesque basilica and shrine of St Minas; an Armenian prince ordered to death by the Roman emperor of Decius. The general area surrounding the basilica which is in the San Niccolo region of central Florence is well known to be one the most picturesque views in all of Italy.
The present basilica which was first built in the year 1018 includes many updates in its successive years. The water colour paintings on the church’s walls which are still apparent, the pulpit, the nave and the crypt all date from the 13 and 14th centuries. The cardinal of Portugal chapel to the left of the nave contains one of the most beautiful tombs of the Italian Renaissance, designed by Atonio Manetti and A.tonio Rosselino in 1459. And you can even see the altar where St Miniato’s bones are now preserved, which dates back to the origins of the church itself.

The exterior of the church is covered in marble from the 11th and 12th century. Nearby, the campanile which actually collapsed in 1499 was then rebuilt in 1523 to then be used as a defence post during the siege of Florence in 1530. Putting the historicity of the San Miniato Al Monte church aside, aesthetically-speaking, the interior and exterior of the basilica is a fantastic place simply just to look at and take in.

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