Things to do in Florence this January

Top Notch January 2017


It’s a whole new year. 2016 has finally ended. Thank god for that, eh? Except for the fact that events don’t correspond at all to whatever number is stated on the Gregorian calendar, and don’t cease to exist when that number increases by one at midnight on January the 1st – we have some amazing stuff for you to do in this brand new year, giving you a brand new start!

1 – Epiphany
On January the 6th, Florence hosts a huge parade in the centre of the city known as the “Cavalcade of the Magi”. A catholic parade which celebrates the delivering of gifts by the Magi to baby Jesus in Bethlehem. All over Italy, this runs parallel to a ‘feast day’, so you also get to eat as much as possible while viewing the parade.

2 – Winter Park
Alongside the Arno (OBI Hall, Aldo Moro) during the winter season (from December to March), an ice rink and ski slope are erected. It will be at its most busy during January, but I guess it will allow you to improve your skating agility. From Monday to Thursday head on down between 3pm-10pm, Fridays are open from 3pm to midnight. Saturday and Sundays open from 10am to 10pm. If you’re travelling and you don’t have your gear, you can rent everything you need. Skates are 4 euros per person, on top of a 6-euro entry fee.

3 – Ai Weiei Exhibition at the Palazzo Strozzi
Ai Weiei is a world-renowned artist, that has hosted exhibitions in the most esteemed arenas, and who nevertheless focuses on a vital message – to fight and uphold the values of human rights and freedom of expression in all circumstances. Until the 22nd of January, his exhibition will be shown at the Palazzo Strozzi highlighting these values, held against his struggles with the authoritarianism of the Chinese government.

4 – Across Art and Fashion
In 2017 until the 7th of April, at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo hoist yourself into whole world between two polarising concepts that occur in so many different contexts throughout history; of inspiration, collaboration and everything in between. Explore this somewhat abstract exhibition spanning “across art and fashion”.

5 – Free Museum Visits
If you’ve been reading this blog’s previous posts, you shouldn’t forget that the first Sunday of every month means that many state museums in Florence are entrance free. On the 1st of January – New Year’s Day – wade through the ice, you have some culture to take in.
And that’s all for January, folks. Feel free to try a Google search if you need some more information, and if you like the sound of any of these events. Being ‘bored’ in Florence is quite an impossible task.