Things to do in Florence – May Part 2

Things to do in Florence – May, Part 2
We already gave you 5 different things to do in Florence for May, but what the heck? Here’s two more great suggestions for you to contemplate.

trofeo firenze maggio visitaflorencia
5-arzocco Trophy (Trofeo Marzocco)
Live music will accompany a vast array of flag wavers that will be competing for the prestigious Trofeo Marzocco; the Marzocco, which is the one of city’s most famous symbols. Prepare to be awed by the experience, choreographed routines, and colours blinding the senses at the Piazza delle Signoria, on the 1st of May, starting at 3:30 in the afternoon. Entrance is free.

night of the museums
6-Night of the Museums
On the 21st of May, the city of Florence – alongside many other major museums in Europe – will be making the majority of museums free to enter between 21:00-23:00. Alongside this offer, will be parallel events in locations close by such as workshops for adults and children, concerts, and much more. The Museum de Arezzo will give people the chance to learn about the flood of Florence in 1966 with original equipment used during the drastic event. Children will have the chance to have a sleepover during the “Night of Aquarius” at the Aquarium: Livorno.


7-Summer Sales
Starting on the first day of May, many shops in the centre of Florence do their utmost best to clear their stores making customers very happy in the process. The sales will last for the whole month, but of course get in their early to make the most of it.

stay tuned with other events in Florence!