Where do locals eat in Florence?

With the incredible news about McDonald’s being refused to open a restaurant in Florence by the city authorities (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/mcdonalds-sue-florence-city-italy-restaurant-application-refused-a7404726.html), you might be wondering: “well, what is it that the city of Florence is actually trying to protect? What do locals eat in Florence?” Well, read further on and you’re sure to discover the answer.

1. Munaciello – http://www.munaciello.com/?lang=en

Now, this is a pizza place which quite simply takes authenticity and the local Florentine vibe to a whole other level. Take in the ambience of this local Florentine diner, and don’t forget take a look at their menu for their seafood and special “black pizza”. Made out of vegetable carbon, this is said to aid digestion and to help add just that little something extra to the taste. Five stars for taste, reasonable prices and an authentic Florentine experience.

2. Osteria Santo Spirit – http://www.osteriasantospirito.it/

If you’re on a budget, but you still have a craving to experience some local Italian cuisine, hop on down to this place. Osteria Santo Spirit is well known for its discounted starters. This, along with the rest of its prices, make for a great place to eat on a budget. There’s quite a variety of food to choose from, but make sure to tuck in to their fresh Tuscan cheese and range of salamis once in your life.

3. Cento Poveri – http://www.centopoveri.it/

Cento Poveri is truly a restaurant to discover. Truly great, local food and excellent value for money to boot. If you’re stuck for somewhere to go for lunch, locate this place. They have a lunch menu coming in at 10 euros a pop, which even includes a wine and water. Just be sure to get in there early, perhaps at brunch time to avoid the crunch.

4. Giardino

If you’re dying to try the famous Bistecca alla Fiorentina, (Florence’s own Tuscan special steak,) then Giardino is the best shout. Again, for this place the prices are known to be great, with another 10 euro lunch menu. Featuring also its own house wine, Giardino is another cosy place to seek out for yourself and take in the local ambience.


Look out for a typical, small Florentine diner Via Nazionale 110r. Here you have the last of our recommendations. This place known as Brinciello has a choice of brilliant, general cuisine hailing from the region of Tuscany. Grilled chicken, spaghetti, balsamic cream, just your regular Florentine restaurant, but very much worth your time.
Bon Appetit!
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